Sunday, 22 September 2013

Coyote Pups

Within days of each other two coyote pups arrived at Hobbitstee. Both suffered from a bad case of Sarcoptic Mange and the second one had also been hit by a car and had a broken leg.

They both looked so sad with their little bodies covered in the crusts and sores caused by the mange. They also suffered from malnourishment and where very underweight and stunted in growth.

Luckily it is not difficult to cure Mange, but it does take a bit of time.

Coyotes are really shy and being inside stressed them out way to much. The picture above made me laugh. I put them outside in an outdoor enclosure and gave them a barrel lined with blankets and a big stuffed animal to serve as a den. That made them feel a bit more safe.

The second guy needed his front leg splinted as well as treatment for mange.

They slowly started to recover from their injuries and mange. They started to grow and develop. To ensure their survival after release they where only handled when absolutely necessary and human contact of any type was avoided as much as possible.

I am proud to say that they never got used to humans and even when I had to enter their enclosure to feed them it stressed them out a lot.

After several months recovering and growing today it was the day they where finally ready to return home. With the help of Chris (one of the great volunteers here) we loaded the coyotes into crates. This is no easy task. These coyotes are lightning fast and have a solid bite. Both Chris and myself wore protective gear to prevent bites.

Both coyotes where taken back to the approx location they where found in the hope they will reconnect with their families and released. 

I can not describe the feeling when I see these animals run back to their lives. It is such a rush.

I am happy to have been able to assist these little guys in their recovery and wish them both a great life...


  1. Awesome Chantal! So happy they both got a second chance in the wild, thanks to you. :)