Thursday, 28 November 2013

Fundraising in TO

Last Saturday our educational animals, Chris (a dedicated volunteer) and myself found ourselves at Wild Birds Unlimited in Toronto.

Jim and Lynda the owners of this store put on a great fundraiser for us. We are in need of a song bird aviary (among others things). Wild Birds Unlimited is a store specializing in everything song bird, so it was a great match.

With the help of a wonderful group of people we managed to raise a total of $895 (with donations still coming in). This will help us build one song bird aviary. Our goal is to build two, so we have the option to separate the larger birds such as Blue Jays and Robins from the little birds. We are however thrilled to be able to build one. It will help a lot to get orphaned and injured song birds ready for release.

We had many draw prices donated and the tickets sold like hot cakes. I'd like to thank everyone who donated draw prices (Wild Birds Unlimited, Rob & Angie Mueller and Toronto Nature Lovers)

I also want to thank everyone who came and supported us. We even got items of our wish list donated.

It was Bilbo the Ground Hogs second large event and he handled it like a pro. It helped that he was very comfortable with his handler.  It was great to be able to have so many people meet Bilbo. Most people have never had the opportunity to meet a ground hog up close.

Jim the Snapping Turtle was also a favorite. He was getting restless in his container, so we let him spent some time roaming around the store. Interestingly enough he made a b-line for the board we used to track the donations and had a good look at it.

It was a great combinations of us sharing some of our stories and raising awareness and raising funds for our soon to be build song bird aviary at the same time.

I can't thank all the people involved enough for their efforts and when you are in Toronto don't forget to show your appreciation and visit Wild Birds Unlimited or take a trip with Toronto-Nature-Lovers

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