Sunday, 11 January 2015

I lost a friend today...

I am very sad to say that I lost a dear friend today.

The gentle orange giant we dubbed Smaug passed away. He lived here less than a year, but he was much loved and well cared for during his time with us.

His story is a sad one and unfortunately a common one. Smaug the Iguana Iguana spent the majority of his life in poor conditions. He was not being cared for properly as evident by the physical and irreversible signs of metabolic bone disease caused by a poor diet and lack of vitamin D and UV light.

Last year he was left in an apartment after his people moved out and that is how he ended up with me. He was emaciated and to sick to eat on his own. We got him feeling better and he was doing well. We did the best we could to make his life good, but you can't erase years of neglect and poor care, nor can you stop the hands of time (he was old). 

Unfortunately many people still get pets without thinking things through and when it comes to exotic pets like Iguana Iguana you really need to know what you are getting into. Most exotic pets are not easy to care for and their care is usually very expensive.

If you are sure you really want to own an exotic pet:
  • Make sure you really think it through
  • Research the animal you'd like and learn all about the care they need
  • Check with reputable exotic rescues to see if they have an animal in need of a home
  • Or purchase from a reputable store or breeder
  • Make sure you are prepared for all the expenses (there will be many)
  • Be sure you are ready to commit to this animal for the duration of it's lifespan
  • Check the bylaws where you live as many counties have a ban on exotic species

 We are very grateful to our wonderful friends at Hamilton Reptile for helping us help this wonderful animal which I will forever remember as the most appreciative reptile I have ever met...


  1. thank you for taking care of him during his last year, and making him feel comfortable and happy.

  2. Head bobs. Sorry he had to move on, but happy he had your tlc. - Julie